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Right now, during a world-wide pandemic, many of us cannot do what we usually do, and so we take the opportunity to do something for our education. You may be one of the many people who have extra time at hand these days, and I want to support your desire to use this time to learn and assist you by telephone and via email. I guarantee that you will get a lot of enjoyment out of it! Here is what I have to offer...

My Telephone Class Menu:

Language Classes for Professionals

Language Classes for Advanced Speakers and Intermediary Students

Conversation: topics from science, technology, art, business, philosophy...

Selected Topics in Linguistics (Englisch, German, Japanese)

Selected Topics in Electronics; also Amateur Radio Exam Prep Classes

Classes in English

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Pleased to meet you!

I am an improviser and problem solver in three cultures (Japan, Germany, and Canada), as well as a practicing and practical secular philosopher with a very good general education and some decent practical expertise, gained from studying or working in seven different countries and getting my feet wet and hands dirty in many fields.

One of my specialties is knowledge transfer (consulting, teaching, mentoring, presenting, etc.), and I started using the telephone in that context about 35 years ago, to provide software support. The audio quality of phones is much better today, notably when using VoIP: my providers are "", "", and "" and the audio codecs I typically use are "Opus", "G.722", and "G.726".

Privacy Notice: there is no real privacy on the net, but this website is the most private site you can get, since the only useful data it can collect is IP addresses.

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