Classes in English

(Note: email support is available for all telephone classes / lessons)

Language Classes:

Practical English for Professionals
For participants with a professional level of English who wish to prepare
public presentations or research papers or develop their translation skills

Advanced English Conversation
For participants who can speak English reasonably well and who wish to improve
their competence by way of discussing topics of their choice (topics can be chosen
from science, technology, art, philosophy, business, and other fields of interest)

English Development Classes
For participants who can understand English well enough but wish to improve their
comprehension, knowledge of vocabulary, and structural understanding of English
(pronunciation and fluency practice may also be included, as desired)

The Structure of the English Language
Linguistics for students of the English language, linguists, and others who may be interested
(these classes can be conducted in English and/or German and/or Japanese)

The Structure of the German Language
Linguistics for students of the German language, linguists, and others who may be interested
(these classes can be conducted in German and/or English and/or Japanese)

The Structure of the Japanese Language (日本語)
Linguistics for students of the Japanese language, linguists, and others who may be interested
(these classes can be conducted in Japanese and/or English and/or German)
(includes the structure of written Japanese, but knowledge of Kana and Kanji is not required)

The structure classes can complement language studies or serve as survey course for linguists
They cover, as needed, grammar, morphology, vocabulary, phonology, and phonetics.

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Classes taught in German  --> Sprachkurse auf Deutsch

Specialty Classes in English:

Electronics Theory: Foundation  (Beginner course or higher level review course)

Selected Topics in Electronics Theory  (Topic usually chosen by participants)

Amateur Radio: Exam Preparation Support  (For English or German speaking countries)
Note: these classes are free of charge (public service)

Practical Philosophy

European Music and Music History (17th-20th Century)
For amateurs and lovers of European music, from the Baroque to the present

Specialty Classes taught in German  --> Fachunterricht auf Deutsch

What you want to know first: the lesson fees and how to get started

Fees depend on the structure and content of the classes that we decide to set up together. Private (= individual) classes start at $20 an hour, while group classes (using a speaker phone, for example, or using your computer with phone software and several headphones plugged in) start at $30 per hour. (We don't use a stopwatch, so hours tend to be generous.) Payments should in most cases be easy, since I have accounts in Canada, Europe, and Japan.

To get set up you send me an email, we exchange phone numbers, and then we talk. Once we have decided such things as the purpose of the classes, their content and frequency, the level we want to aim for, resources we want to use, the payment modus, etc., we can start. It's all pretty informal and there is no need for a long-term contract (but it can be done that way if you want it, for example if you receive external funding). I am flexible...

Please read also the explanations regarding private (individual) and group classes:
Private and group classes explained

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