Private (Individual) Classes and Group Classes

My telephone classes are typically one-to-one exchanges during which participants have the opportunity to choose the topics and the direction of the class whenever they so desire. As a rule, rather than presenting material by way of a monologue, I prefer an interactive format to guide the participants toward ways of discovering information and developing their skills themselves, aiming to enable them to continue learning outside of class time. Participants benefit most from preparing for their classes in advance and from presenting their own findings and ideas during class time.

To make this approach work well for interactive group classes, several conditions have to be met:

As a general rule, interactive group classes by telephone work better with a smaller number of participants, and I would recommend a maximum of 3 members per group.

The alternative to an interactive group class would be a lecture classe, where the number of participants is irrelevant. Here the instructor presents some information, without engaging in conversation with the participants, while the participants have the opportunity to ask questions and make comments after the presentation. It that situation it is also possible to structure a question period such that questions are mailed to the instructor who reads out each question before responding to it.

IN any case I am prepared to consider different approaches if you think they suit your needs. For example, I could participate by listening to somebody else's presentation and only offer my own comments after the presentation, I could be part of a small panel engaging in a discussion in front of a larger audience, or I could answer a set of prepared questions (basically like an interview), and you use my answers in a different setting with an audience that I may not have any direct interaction with. There are many ways to participate in the transfer of knowledge and information - don't hesitate to commnicate with me about what you need.

If you want me to give a presentation of this kind or to take part in a panel discussion or interview, we will negotiate in advance an appropriate honorarium.